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Creating Healthy, Beautiful &

Luminous Smiles

comprehensive family dental care in Severna Park, MD

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Quality Dentistry,

Beautiful Smiles

Luminous Smile is home to a dedicated dental care team who takes a patient-first approach to your oral health needs. Dr. Zare and Dr. Morgan provide complete care for the long-term maintenance of a healthy smile. As cosmetic and restorative dentists in Severna Park, they can help you address aesthetic or functional dental problems. Exceptional care delivered in a caring environment is the foundation of our dental practice. 

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Invisalign Open House

November 30 - December 7

Join us for our Invisalign Open House! 

We will host this special event from November 30 - December 7, from 7am-4pm daily!

The season of giving is here and as an early present we are offering complimentary consultations to answer all of your Invisalign treatment questions. Click below for more information!





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Dr. Sahar Zare


Dr. Zare is known for her chairside manner and caring approach to the dental health needs of her patients. Committed to continuing education in all aspects of dentistry, Dr. Zare helps patients achieve oral health goals with modern, conservative dentistry. 

From routine general dental services to advanced treatment for more complex dental problems, Dr. Zare is dedicated to providing comprehensive dental care. 

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Dr. Lynn Morgan


Dr. Morgan has been providing preventative and cosmetic dental care to her patients in Severna Park for over 30 years. She provides care on the cutting edge of modern dentistry and is passionate about building a welcoming dental office experience for all of her patients.

Dr. Morgan takes a personal approach to the dental care needs of her patients and believes that a well-informed patient is an important ingredient in a successful outcome. 

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Creating Healthy Smiles

At Luminous Smile in Severna Park, we believe everyone deserves to enjoy a healthy, comfortable, and beautiful smile. Our dental care team builds relationships with patients so that your dental care in our office can be tailored to your unique needs. Dr. Zare and Dr. Morgan are committed to patient education when it comes to exploring treatment options. 

Experience the difference that a more personal approach to dentistry can make in enjoying a healthy smile.

A personalized dental care experience in Severna Park.

We are your dental care home in Severna Park, MD.

Our practice welcomes children and adults. From regular dental care visits to specialized treatments for common dental problems affecting patients of all ages, Dr. Zare and Dr. Morgan have comprehensive dental care under one roof. 

+Preventative Care   +Teeth Cleanings    +Pediatric Dentistry

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Dental Health Solutions 

Dr. Zare and Dr. Morgan can provide solutions for your dental problems with personalized treatment plans. Our experienced care for your cosmetic and restorative needs can give you back a smile that is healthy, functional, and radiant. We aim to offer treatment options that meet your needs, budget, and aesthetic goals.

Creating beautiful smiles and rebuilding confidence. 

Are you ready to rediscover your Luminous smile with us?

We believe in the power of dentistry to restore your smile, confidence, and quality of life. Using advanced digital technology, our dental care team can help you achieve your goals and feel great again about the appearance of your smile.

+Dental Crowns   +Porcelain Veneers    +Tooth Bonding

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Making Your Dental

Care Visit Enjoyable

Your patient experience is our top priority. We strive to make dentistry as pleasant and stress-free as possible. Our team is focused on your needs when you visit with us, and we are here to help you minimize discomfort and anxiety while we maximize the benefits of your dental care. 

Dental Care FAQs

We have answers to commonly asked questions about our dentistry and your smile.

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Patient Forms

Make your visit as efficient as possible by completing your patient forms in the comfort of home.

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Payment & Insurance

Our office can help you maximize your dental health benefits and file your claim electronically.

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Buscando una dentista?

Hablamos español en nuestra oficina.

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